May we present: Madame Pumpkin

With grace in her movements and a playful smile on her face, Madame Pumpkin nonchalantly…

Ritva ja Matti pihakeinussa
A unique way of life close to nature

Berry bushes full of berries and fruit trees swaying in the wind surround the lush…

Nuoret kadulla
“We have all you need here” – the irresistible charm of the communal Hakametsä

It was the year 1970 when Väinö Perttunen first moved into an apartment building in…

Leppoisaa lomailua
Get more out of your holiday in Uusikaupunki

  Quick and easy Uusikaupunki is perfect for a convenient life since everything is so…

Kalloset viihtyvät Janhualla
Beach as a backyard – Janhua is the perfect neighbourhood for families with children

Plop! A flat skipping stone flies off her hand in a perfect position, but changes…

Dance, stroll around town or play sports – tips for spending your Midsummer in Uusikaupunki

Dance If you don’t have a dance partner of your own, hop on over to…

Juurekset pöydällä
3 x summer treats

Fresh Finnish food is part of Midsummer festivities – freshly picked potatoes, shiny and firm onions, crunchy lettuce and the first red-cheeked strawberries of the summer. The more local these summer treats are, the better they taste!

Marko Vikman kotiovellaan
“There is a refreshing village community feel to Uusikaupunki”

The faint morning sun sheds its rays through the white wooden house’s grilled windows. Marko…

Miska ja Pirkko Pyhämaassa
Shoreline of tranquility

At the end of a narrow and bumpy dirt road is a low house with…

Kirsi ja Vesa Nummela
The Nummelas shortened their cottage journey by over 600 kilometres

Now, years later, Vesa Nummela is starting the new year with his wife Kirsti in…