Vaaleanpunaisia neilikoita.
Happy Women’s Day to all the wonderful women!

What does Women’s Day mean to you? Three women of different ages from Uusikaupunki responded

Monitoimijatalo Wintterin sisäaulassa istumassa kuntalaisia.
Wintteri – New Community Hub in Uusikaupunki

With only a year left until the Community Hub Wintteri in Viikaistenmäki is put to…

Marita Frimodig MasterCher-esiliina päällään.
Marita trusts in flavor

Her kitchen in Uusikaupunki is functional and clean, with everything needed within reach. A white…

Vanhojen tanssit torilla.
The Charming Elders

On the second Friday morning of February, the sophomores of the high school start early…

Lumisia puutaloja auringonpaisteessa.
Wintery Uusikaupunki is full of things to do

When to ice skate, just because… …of course, in the winter! Uusikaupunki has over a…

Jari heino pyöräilykypärä päässään.
Sportsman Jari’s New Enthusiasm – Mountain Biking

Ultimately, reassurances were enough, and Jari agreed to speak about mountain biking. And why not?…

Wenla Väärälä istuu kaupunginkahden rannalla.
Adventurer’s Heartbeat Calms in Uusikaupunki

Wenla Väärälä approaches life with curiosity. The thirst to see the world, collect experiences, and…

Ville-Markus Vesterinen.
Ville-Markus Vesterinen trusts authenticity in both life and the tango final

The semifinal of the Tangomarkkinat competition was nearing its end at the Vantaa Cultural Hall…

Kaupungonlahden punaiset makasiinit.
Summer begins with Merefesti – experience the highlights of a human-sized urban festival

On the second weekend of June, the streets and beaches are filled with former, current,…

Ruokolanjärvi ja vesitorni.
Capture the wonderful summer memories in the best photo spots in the city 2/2

We have gathered a total of ten location tips for capturing the best Uki moments…