Aino Savolainen
My place – Aino Savolainen

Haimio is a great beach for people of all ages. There are shallow waters, a…

Männäisten tori
A piazza full of life in Kalanti

This picture is well deserved as the square was designed by Italian architect Vezio Nava,…

Eila Urkola ja Hilkka Orava
Old Friends

Eila Urkola ja Hilkka Orava vierailevat vuosittain Uudenkaupungin Crusell-viikolla. Ystävysten mielestä Uusikaupunki on Suomen kauneimpia kaupunkeja ja Crusell-viikko poikkeuksellisen hieno musiikkitapahtuma, jossa kenenkään ei tarvitse pönöttää.

Mari tutulla kotitiellä
My place – Mari Jalava

The home was exactly what we had hoped for – an unrenovated house from the…

Jorge Cunha
Jorge – The toughest footballer in the car plant

COVID-19 was the main reason Jorge, who is originally from Cuarda, a city with a…

Dance, stroll around town or play sports – tips for spending your Midsummer in Uusikaupunki

Dance If you don’t have a dance partner of your own, hop on over to…

Yrittäjä Tanja harilainen ja Suomen kesä
Product development demands frequent trips to the sauna

From a beautiful cardboard package, something resembling a tea bag is revealed, with a lovely…

Jukka Helin tenniskentällä
My Place – Jukka Helin

Knee surgeries and an age of 74 have not slowed the man downand he is…

Koirapuisto on aidattu alue, jossa koira voi olla vapaana
WOOF and RUFF – There is plenty of space for frolicking in the dog park

The three-year-old Tibetan terrier Raisu runs to the gate of a dog park located at…

Kädettömät isät
From day-care centre to terrace entertainers

Sometimes, great friendships are born in the most unexpected of places. This was certainly the…