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Wintteri – New Community Hub in Uusikaupunki
Monitoimijatalo Wintterin sisäaulassa istumassa kuntalaisia.

Wintteri – New Community Hub in Uusikaupunki

  • A Community Hub that gathers various activities is hoped to become a communal living room for the citizens. The adaptable spaces allow for the emergence of a new kind of community.

With only a year left until the Community Hub Wintteri in Viikaistenmäki is put to use, when the communal living room of the citizens opens its doors in the spring of 2025, its brand-new walls will encompass a vast array of activities. We asked the people of Uusikaupunki what they expect from Wintteri, and the variety of answers was broad and inspiring.

Fortunately, Wintteri offers exactly all of this – and much more!

“I expect clean, functional, modern spaces and furniture suitable for studying”
 “A functional school for students and staff”
“A great new high school for my child, with appropriate and healthy spaces” 

Your wishes will be granted!

Wintterin oppimisalue.

Wintteri will accommodate learners of all ages under one roof. The facilities will serve students from primary school grades 1-9 as well as high school students. Additionally, there will be a kindergarten for the city’s youngest residents.

In the learning areas, students of different ages will have the opportunity to dive deeper into each subject area more holistically than before. Among others, subjects like mathematics and natural sciences, music, crafts, and physical education will have their own, unique spaces. So, inspiration is on the way!

The adaptability of spaces in Wintteri has been a central goal since the planning stage – the future spaces will flexibly mold to various teaching situations and the needs of different groups.

“Unified spaces for Vakkaopisto’s lectures and courses”
“A proper lecture hall” “Good visibility and sound in the council chamber”
“New facilities for the music school’s teaching and performances”


Tiina Hero.
Still relatively new to Uusikaupunki, Tiina Hero is especially looking forward to giving lectures in the new Vakkaopisto premises.

The comprehensive and diverse course activities of the Vakka-Suomi Adult Education Centre will move to Wintteri. Centralized operations will ease the experience not only for the institution’s staff but also for visitors – whether it’s a historical lecture, crafts, or a band workshop, everything can be found in one place.

The Vakka-Suomi Music School will also find new premises in Wintteri. And of course, the city’s decision-makers will gather there as well, where the citizens are: in Wintteri.

“I’m really looking forward to the new swimming hall!”
“A swimming hall that also accommodates the disabled, allowing them to access the sauna and move around safely”
“A proper basketball hall”

Coming up!

Wintterin uuden uimahallin havainnekuva.

The Community Hub will offer unprecedentedly wonderful facilities for all kinds of movement and sports – the new swimming hall is designed to serve a wide variety of users, and the multifunctional hall will include a ball sports hall, gym, group exercise space, a dedicated area for athletics, and a multifunctional hall for martial arts, for example.

For sports fans, Wintteri will offer modern spectator facilities and, of course, a café that also serves the supporters. It would be a great place to celebrate even the second basketball championship in club history, right?

“I hope there are communal spaces inside where you can spend time”
“Maybe there’s a chance to do remote work while eating snacks” “I look forward to a pleasant place for citizens to meet”
“Lots of different activities: ceramics courses, reading clubs, cooking classes, dog grooming courses…”
“Leisure activities from end to end”


Havainnekuva kaupunkiverstaan kahviosta.

Coming together and community don’t just spring from the walls, but functional spaces allow for a whole new kind of synergy between the city, leisure activities, and residents.

Wintteri will build its own spaces for youth, but just as well, the Community Hub will become a nice hangout place for people of all ages. In Wintteri, it will be possible to see, experience, and create art, enjoy concerts, organize meetings and performances, lounge, meet friends, and work remotely.

And the activities are not limited to just indoors – a wide outdoor area is being developed with lounge areas, performance spaces, fields for movement, fitness stairs, an adventure forest…

The opportunities Wintteri offers to the citizens will be nearly limitless. Ultimately, however, the use and the community we create are up to us, the people of Uusikaupunki – you and me.

What would your ideal Wintteri be like?

The doors of the multifunctional house Wintteri will open in the spring of 2025.

Wintteri lintuperspekstiivistä. on Uudenkaupungin kaupungin elinkeinopalveluiden julkaisu, jossa tuodaan esiin uusikaupunkilaista asumista ja elämäntapaa.
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