Yrittäjä Mirella liiketilansa ovella.
Flexible everyday life attracts the Nikula family back to Uusikaupunki

The first customers are peeking in through the windows well before Mirella Metsämäki-Nikula opens the…

Jenna Bergström ja ihana
Fresh flavours straight from the ice cream factory

There is a chilly breeze outside, but the spring sun is already warming the walls…

Asukkaita kaupunginlahden rannalla
City of Experiences

In the City of Uusikaupunki, smooth everyday life and enjoyable leisure time go hand in hand. This historic sea town offers a great setting for numerous events this and every summer, with the charming Crusell Week sparkling as the jewel in the crown.

Päivi Sappinen
Motherhood Excel sheet

When my brother and I were teenagers, our mother always used to say to us…

Lyhtyjä pöydällä
Spend the cottage holiday of your dreams next to our lively summer town

Peace of mind in the midst of beautiful nature. Listening to the sound of the…

Hymyilevä Anas Zahnoune
Uusikaupunki through the eyes of a Moroccan

Anas arrived in Uusikaupunki on a pitch-black evening, but fell in love with the idyll…

Narsissit ja teekuppi
Spend a relaxing Easter in Uusikaupunki

Take it easy for a moment Waking up to the call of spring, nature in…

Leena Viitanen ja Mervi Pyykkönen

It’s a typical spring evening in Finland. The last rays of sun shine through the…

Amin Torabi
Ready to take over the world from Uusikaupunki

When Amin Torabi, originally hailing from Norway, first got off the bus at the bus…

Sonja Virtanen
Relaxing everyday life and walks in nature

Sonja lives together with her boyfriend and two pet bunnies. She also spends a lot…