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The Hatakka family was drawn to the ease of living in Uusikaupunki
Hatakan perhe istuu sohvalla.

The Hatakka family was drawn to the ease of living in Uusikaupunki

  • The Hatakka family first visited Uusikaupunki in 2016, but it wasn't until three years later that the timing felt right for a move back. Now a family of five, they enjoy a simple and safe everyday life in this vibrant small town.

Their yellow house stands in the loop of a horseshoe-shaped driveway, surrounded by similar homes in the pleasant Hiun small house area. At the front door, three different-sized children’s bicycles lie cozily, and a trampoline sits in the backyard, waiting for warmer weather.

The green yard borders a forest. A short hike away is Hiujärvi, known for its birdlife and equipped with shelters.

Tanja Hatakka wouldn’t easily give up the comforting embrace of the forest. She especially enjoys spending time there with the family’s golden retriever, Frodo.

-If only the sea were right nearby, it would be pretty perfect, she says.

However, the sea, as well as schools, workplaces, and downtown services, aren’t far away.

Pyöräilijä kauppatorilla.

The family’s school-aged children, 9-year-old Eemil and 8-year-old Oliver, bike a few kilometers to Uusikaupunki’s comprehensive school daily. A closer school is available, but as a musical family, the children attend classes with a music focus.

The youngest of the family, 5-year-old Aatos, still attends daycare but can already venture out on his bike to play with friends.

-It’s so safe here that the children can go cycling on their own, says Petri Hatakka.

For the active family, short distances and a range of activities have become important. The Hatakkas engage in numerous sports: ice hockey, football, piano, parkour, Finnish baseball, scouting and theatrical expression.

-The ease and affordability of hobbies are definitely the best aspects of living in Uusikaupunki from a family perspective. There are many options, and it’s possible to have a diverse range of activities because they are much more affordable than in big cities, Tanja Hatakka reflects.

Jalkapalloilijoita UPK:n kentällä.

The parents are involved in their children’s activities, but there’s still time for their own moments. Tanja recharges by doing yoga and walking in the forest with Frodo, while Petri participates in the local volunteer fire department.

Versatile leisure activities are possible because there’s no time spent in queues, waiting, or traffic. In the idyllic small town, life is genuinely more than just work and sleep.

-Like today, we first take Eemil to soccer, then Oliver to the theater, and in between, we manage to take the dog for a walk. All this after a day’s work, and we’re home by eight in the evening. It still feels incredible that this is even possible,says Petri. And the completion of the Wintteri project will probably make the puzzle even easier.

Perheen isä Petri kosketinsoittimensa takana.

Petri has been touring as a session musician with some of Finland’s most popular artists for well over twenty years. Amid big stages, grand opportunities, and stardust, he has always longed to return to his roots in Uusikaupunki.

Seven years ago, Petri Hatakka was appointed head of Uusikaupunki’s cultural services. Since then, he has been a part of creating the town’s lively cultural life and recreational opportunities.

I still perform, but less frequently now. Maybe I’ve enjoyed Uusikaupunki so much because I’ve always been able to engage in my music stuff peacefully here and elsewhere.

Lapsia huoltajineen ruohikolla.

Tanja Hatakka is currently on educational leave from her nursing job. Among the best aspects of living in Uusikaupunki are also the support networks that help in those moments when the parents’ calendars are too filled with work and studies.

Hatakat seisovat puutalonsa rappusilla.

Right now, the Hatakkas feel at home. Uusikaupunki offers a good, safe, and tranquil environment. Life is unhurried and relaxed.

Perhaps one day, the family will also have a cottage. In the Uusikaupunki archipelago, of course. on Uudenkaupungin kaupungin elinkeinopalveluiden julkaisu, jossa tuodaan esiin uusikaupunkilaista asumista ja elämäntapaa.
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