Johanna ja Kalle Laihonen kasvimaalla.
The Laihonen couple found a home in a former bank building in the village of Lahti

Kalle Laihonen, an entrepreneur in the wellness and fitness sector, would have made his late…

Müge fell in love with Finland’s bright nights

– Can we go to the trampoline?” Özcan family’s children, Robin and Peri, whisper to their…

Pirkko Ha
Pirkko from Swimming Hall

There are things that have not yet changed in the accelerating pace of the world.…

hatakan perhe istuu sohvalla.
The Hatakka family was drawn to the ease of living in Uusikaupunki

Their yellow house stands in the loop of a horseshoe-shaped driveway, surrounded by similar homes…

Kaupunginlahden rantaa, jossa veneitä ja asukkaista istumassa penkeillä.
Ukilife is celebrating its 3rd anniversary

The Ukilife.fi has published over 140 stories, and as the messenger of life in Uusikaupunki,…

Perhe Forsell istuu sohvalla.
Uusikaupunki’s Palomettä is the best place in the world for a family with children

As evening falls in the Forsell family’s home in Uusikaupunki’s Palomettä, their 4-year-old youngest, Sakari,…

Vaaleanpunaisia neilikoita.
Happy Women’s Day to all the wonderful women!

What does Women’s Day mean to you? Three women of different ages from Uusikaupunki responded

Kerttu Aaltonen
Puppetry is Kerttu Aaltonen’s lifelong work

At times, Kerttu would sneakily borrow her older sister’s doll without permission, but most of…

Monitoimijatalo Wintterin sisäaulassa istumassa kuntalaisia.
Wintteri – New Community Hub in Uusikaupunki

With only a year left until the Community Hub Wintteri in Viikaistenmäki is put to…

Marita Frimodig MasterCher-esiliina päällään.
Marita trusts in flavor

Her kitchen in Uusikaupunki is functional and clean, with everything needed within reach. A white…