Perhe Forsell istuu sohvalla.
Uusikaupunki’s Palomettä is the best place in the world for a family with children

As evening falls in the Forsell family’s home in Uusikaupunki’s Palomettä, their 4-year-old youngest, Sakari,…

Vaaleanpunaisia neilikoita.
Happy Women’s Day to all the wonderful women!

What does Women’s Day mean to you? Three women of different ages from Uusikaupunki responded

Kerttu Aaltonen
Puppetry is Kerttu Aaltonen’s lifelong work

At times, Kerttu would sneakily borrow her older sister’s doll without permission, but most of…

Monitoimijatalo Wintterin sisäaulassa istumassa kuntalaisia.
Wintteri – New Community Hub in Uusikaupunki

With only a year left until the Community Hub Wintteri in Viikaistenmäki is put to…

Marita Frimodig MasterCher-esiliina päällään.
Marita trusts in flavor

Her kitchen in Uusikaupunki is functional and clean, with everything needed within reach. A white…

Annika Hallikainen seisoo kotiovellaan.
Theatre, music, and the sea have anchored an Espoo native in Uusikaupunki

This year marks exactly forty years since Annikka Hallikainen and her spouse Kyösti moved to…

Vanhojen tanssit torilla.
The Charming Elders

On the second Friday morning of February, the sophomores of the high school start early…

Lumisia puutaloja auringonpaisteessa.
Wintery Uusikaupunki is full of things to do

When to ice skate, just because… …of course, in the winter! Uusikaupunki has over a…

Archipelago life in Uusikaupunki – fifteen-minute drive from the city center

Peace of mind. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when you step into…

Gordon Herbert uimahallin pihalla.
The world champion’s home is in Uusikaupunki

Outside, the temperature hovers around twenty degrees below zero, but inside the swimming hall, it’s…