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Marita trusts in flavor
Marita Frimodig masterChef-esiliina päällään.

Marita trusts in flavor

  • After thirty years in her home kitchen, Marita Frimodig from Uusikaupunki was inspired to apply for MasterChef Finland. Selected among the top ten home cooks in Finland, Marita believes in three key ingredients in her dishes: flavor, flavor, and flavor.

Her kitchen in Uusikaupunki is functional and clean, with everything needed within reach. A white apron embroidered with her name and the MasterChef logo hangs on the kitchen door. “Cooking starts with chopping an onion,” she begins, dicing a golden onion into cubes.

Marita, a fan of the cooking show, has watched every season, from the original Australian MasterChef to the American and Finnish versions. Last spring, she was thrilled by the idea of applying after the Finnish competition’s finale teased the next season’s search for Finland’s next MasterChef.

Marita muiden kokkien kanssa.
Picture: Juuli Aschan-Sveins

Despite having the skills seen in the competition, Marita thoughtfully considered her decision before applying, encouraged by her spouse. Shortly after submitting her application, she was called for further questions and soon found herself among forty applicants selected for MasterChef’s “bootcamp.”

Surviving the rigorous pre-selection phase, Marita, from Uusikaupunki, made it to the final ten. Cooking offers a pleasant counterbalance to her job as a factory manager, a passion fueled by experiences from her childhood and the encouragement to experiment in the kitchen.

Years of cooking for her family honed her taste buds. Marita believes her strength lies in her good palate, quickly identifying when flavors are balanced. She finds presenting dishes challenging, preferring to prepare large servings but practiced plating for the competition.

Marita kisaamassa.
Picture: Juuli Aschan-Sveins

Flavor is paramount in Marita’s cooking, preferring local ingredients from fish counters and farmers’ markets. She praises Uusikaupunki’s restaurants for their passion and quality, suggesting food could be a strong tourism draw for the city.

Marita pilkkoo sipulia.

Asked about the perfect dish, Marita suggests fried pike-perch, Annabelle potatoes, and beurre blanc sauce. While she can’t reveal if Uusikaupunki will have the 2024 MasterChef, the experience was so enriching she would participate again. She values the diverse group of contestants, skills, and learning opportunities.

Marita’s journey on MasterChef can be followed on MTV3 every Tuesday this spring. on Uudenkaupungin kaupungin elinkeinopalveluiden julkaisu, jossa tuodaan esiin uusikaupunkilaista asumista ja elämäntapaa.
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