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Summer job in Uusikaupunki: Pakkahuone
Josefina Pakkahuoneen maisemissa

Summer job in Uusikaupunki: Pakkahuone

  • Josefina Routi, 18, is working as a café employee at Pakkahuone Guest Harbour for the fourth consecutive year. The seasonal work in the bustling “Uusikaupunki residents’ living room” has taught her about initiative, problem solving and teamwork.

“When I was 15 years old, I applied for a summer job at Pakkahuone after my mum pushed me to do it. I had worked in the fields before, but every time I visited here, Pakkis always felt like a place where I too would be happy to work the cash register. So, I decided to leave an application, and I got the job.

In my first summer, the work mainly consisted of clearing the tables, doing the dishes and performing various other cleaning duties. Summer by summer, I have gained more responsibilities, and now I’m in customer service and I get to instruct the new summer workers.



I think that a good Pakkahuone employee is a hard-working team player who does their job carefully and is mindful of their co-workers. You need to be able to handle pressure in this job. When there’s a line extending all the way outside and it’s really busy, you need to be able to handle it with a smile on your face.

It may sound clichéd, but through this summer job, I have gained many new friends with whom I’m constantly in touch. There have also been many lessons that I’ve learned on the job. For example, don’t just spread your arms if you cannot do something, find the solution. I have gained a lot stronger sense of initiative as a result.

Of course, there may come situations when it’s hard to instantly figure out what to do. But luckily you can always get help here. A lot of effort has been put into the initial training and there are clear instructions on everything. And there’s always someone you can go to for help.

The reason you should apply for a summer job at Pakkahuone is that this is a place where you get to do a variety of different things. You learn a crazy amount in addition to just customer service and working the cash register: for instance, you learn how to change a light bulb and fix a washing machine. And you can’t complain about the working environment when there’s such a scenic sea view to look at.”

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