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The Nummelas shortened their cottage journey by over 600 kilometres
Kirsi ja Vesa Nummela

The Nummelas shortened their cottage journey by over 600 kilometres

  • Let’s go, thought Vesa Nummela as he was packing up to move over 40 years ago in Uusikaupunki. He moved to Oulu for work, but Nummela had a strong feeling that he would one day return to the quiet fishing village.

Now, years later, Vesa Nummela is starting the new year with his wife Kirsti in their new beach house in Sorvakko, Uusikaupunki. A few years ago, the couple lived in Oulu, even though they spent most of their time in a villa in Uusikaupunki.

“I consider it a cottage, no matter what you say,” says Kirsti laughing at her husband.

Kirsti moved in with Vesa in Oulu around five years ago. However, she was particularly enchanted by the summer house in Uusikaupunki.

This is such a clear, beautiful and extremely friendly town. I am originally from Häme, where I lived by Lake Vesijärvi, and this natural waterway nearby makes me feel at home. Is there anything better than this?” she says, sighs and points to the glistening open sea.

Their leisure-time home in Hiu was finished a few summers ago following a long construction process. As the long journey to the summer home from Oulu was exhausting, the couple spent more and more time at the villa.

One spring, as they arrived at their villa’s logging site, Vesa noticed that houses were being built in the Crusell park. The elegant appearance of the houses, the location by the sea and the magnificent view impressed both. There and then, they walked to the building lot to look at the house that was being built. Later they contacted the seller, and shortly after they had an appointment with the bank.


Kaupunginlahden ilmakuva


Petankkia Leijonapuistossa


The following Christmas, they were able to move in to their new home.

“The apartment is on the fourth floor, and it has an impressive view,” Vesa says.

The everyday life in the small town is peaceful and pleasant for the Nummelas. The decision to move feels right.

“We have always felt that we are welcome here. Here, we have everything we need: services, public swimming pools and gyms. We always have something to do at the summer house, so we don’t get bored,” says Kirsti.

“It’s also nice to have shortened our drive there from 630 kilometres to seven,” Vesa says.

The full article was previously published on the Tuu Messiin website


Uusikaupunki is a popular place among summer residents – there are almost 4,000 cottages in the town area. And why wouldn’t it be? The town has all the ingredients for a good life: rich nature with stunning archipelagos, diverse services and events for everyone.

The town even has a coastline of 1,500 kilometres, including the islands. It is the length of Finland. Even the mainland alone has more than 400 kilometres of coastline.

It is increasingly popular to find a leisure-time home near the wooden houses in the central area and very close to services or communal village centres.

To those who are only dreaming about owning their own cottage, there are plenty of cottages and holiday homes that you can rent for a weekend or a longer stay. on Uudenkaupungin kaupungin elinkeinopalveluiden julkaisu, jossa tuodaan esiin uusikaupunkilaista asumista ja elämäntapaa.
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