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Dream home in Hiu
Johanna ja N

Dream home in Hiu

  • Johanna Tähtinen opens the doors of a single-storey house located on a calm cul-de-sac plot in the Hiu neighbourhood. The guest is immediately greeted by the family’s long-haired cat Kosi and soon by the children Neea, who is soon turning four, and six-year-old Niklas. In the light-filled kitchen, the father of the family Toni Andersson is enjoying his cup of morning coffee.

Building their own house became topical a few years ago when Johanna was pregnant with their second child. Their previous home in a terraced house was growing small, and the family longed for peace and quiet.

“We saw many houses but none of them felt right,” Johanna says, looking back.

Puutaloja iltavalaistuksessa

The couple started to plan building their own home seriously after a trip to a neighbouring city for a house presentation. Once they reached an agreement with the house factory and the construction firm, they only lacked a location for their future dream home. Finally, the perfect plot was spotted from the Hiu neighbourhood in Uusikaupunki, almost by chance.

“There were a few plots on offer in the same neighbourhood, a little downhill from here. We were already a little excited about one of them but then we found out that the last plot along the street was possibly available. We signed up for the queue, and when I got the call that the plot was ours, I think I screamed out loud for joy,” says Johanna and laughs.

Their terraced house was on the market for a year before the deeds were signed when Neea was only two weeks old. Johanna Tähtinen admits to thinking beforehand what it would be like to build a home with a small baby.

“I must admit I did think we might hit the rocks that year. But everything went very smoothly from the permits to the cooperation with the construction company,” she says.

Uuden talon tyytyväiset asukkaat

In spring 2018, after approximately a year of construction, they were allowed to move in. Just before May Day, the family carried their belongings into their dream home – just the type of open-concept, bright and practical home they had dreamed of for several years.

“This became our dream home; in fact, I feel that we got more than we expected. Even now, after a few years of living here, I wouldn’t move anywhere,” says Johanna.

The family is particularly happy with the Hiu neighbourhood where their home stands. The beach, outdoor ice rinks and parks are only a stone’s throw away, and the calming woods open up right from their back door.

“As a neighbourhood, this is perfect. A calm place but within biking distance from all the services, schools and daycare centres in the centre of Uusikaupunki. A corner shop is right next door, as is a spectacular landscape for jogging. On my evening walk, I can see the glimmer of the sea between the trees. I wouldn’t leave this place for anything in the world,” Johanna Tähtinen says smiling.

The article was previously published on the Tuu Messiin website on Uudenkaupungin kaupungin elinkeinopalveluiden julkaisu, jossa tuodaan esiin uusikaupunkilaista asumista ja elämäntapaa.
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