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My place – Jukitsu Hyytiä
Jukitsu Myllymäen kivirappusilla

My place – Jukitsu Hyytiä

  • “I’ve hung around Myllymäki especially in my youth. I lived in a wooden semidetached house behind an old sausage factory for the first five years of my life, and I was in family daycare on the outskirts of Myllymäki for a while. I learned how to skate down the hill on Eskola pond when I was young, and as kids we used to play a lot on the playground, of course.

Later in our teens, we turned to drinking and kissing on the rocks of Myllymäki. You could enter the windmill if you went in from below, at least in the 80s. One time we got busted when we went in for long drinks. The police came and took away our long drinks, and us for that matter.

We used to buzz around on our mopeds, and someone always thought up that they should try to see how high up they could still hang on from the blades of that one mill that was still operational back then. I think that resulted in some broken bones.

For many years, we have planned on bringing Summer Sound here to Myllymäki. If we moved a transportable stage above the playground, people could see it from all over the park.

We still go for a cup of coffee by the water tower from time to time. I find this to be coolest place in the whole town, here above the tin roofs of old houses.”


Name: Jukitsu Hyytiä

Age: 53

Occupation: Entrepreneur. Also known as the frontman of the band Dinturist.  

In the article series, Uusikaupunki residents share important places from around their hometown. on Uudenkaupungin kaupungin elinkeinopalveluiden julkaisu, jossa tuodaan esiin uusikaupunkilaista asumista ja elämäntapaa.
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