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Summer Job in Uusikaupunki: Uki Outlet
Julia Nikusaari Outletissa.

Summer Job in Uusikaupunki: Uki Outlet

  • Julia Nikusaari returned to her hometown Uusikaupunki after her years of study. Her summer job as the store manager of Uki Outlet will provide her with experience and confidence for the future professional challenges.

“I graduated from a vocational school as a cook in Uusikaupunki in 2018. When it was time for the joint application process, I made a spontaneous decision to apply to Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Rovaniemi. I thought it would be an unexpected move that I could someday talk about in a rocking chair.

I started studies to graduate as restaurant manager, but quickly realized that I was more interested in event production, so I tailored my studies in that direction.

Life in the north was very different from the southwestern coast. In Lapland, the pace was slower, and Christmas songs played in Rovaniemi all year round. The beautiful nature with its northern lights and wandering reindeer were amazing, and people were open and always willing to stop and chat.

I enjoyed my time in Lapland, but family and friends drew me back to Uusikaupunki. The distance from everything started to feel too much. Uusikaupunki is a safe and idyllic hometown. Although starting a family isn’t currently a priority for me, I believe that this is the perfect place to raise children.


Julia Nikusaari

During my studies, I worked for one summer at the Uusikaupunki City as a market coordinator, organizing the Tul toril events, and last summer, I occasionally did hours at Uki Outlet. And now I was selected as store manager of Uki Outlet for the entire summer. I really enjoy the diverse and responsible work. There is a lot of administrative work, but I also get to be involved in operational activities at the cash register and at the store.

I feel that this task as this kind of store manager has provided me with valuable experience of managing a large operation and I believe that after this position I would be ready for a similar task in some other place. I have been enjoying the job very much.

Uusikaupunki is a charming, safe, and idyllic place to work. Everything is close by and there is a lot happening. I highly recommend coming here for summer work, let the small town surprise you.”

Uki Outlet 

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