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Uusikaupunki enchants a visitor
Punaiset tulppaanit ja taustalla mylly.

Uusikaupunki enchants a visitor

  • Johanna Ilmoniemi is a new Uusikaupunki resident. She has lived in many places throughout her life. Having been born in Central Finland, being close to the water and forests is important to Johanna. She finds joy in having lots of things to explore and the feeling of new energies. Uusikaupunki has all of these things aplenty!

“I first came to Uusikaupunki with my friend who’s from around here. This place instantly won me over. From then on, I stayed at Hotel Aittaranta for a night or two every summer. Eventually, I gave in to the tempting call of Uusikaupunki and moved here last autumn,” says Johanna.


Johanna Ilmoniemi ja koira.


Johanna’s Top 3 list

“The artistic energy of Uusikaupunki inspires me. Even though I’m only an artist in spirit, in Uusikaupunki it feels like everything is possible.  Colours are well represented here, especially at Art House Pilvilinna.


Taidetalo Pilvilinnan värikkäät sisäseinät.


I’m used to wandering out in nature with my dog, so parks, outdoor recreation areas and nature paths are something we explore together. Here, history and mysticism have a strong presence in nature. We’re already familiar with the nature paths in Pamprinniemi, Hiu and Kasarminlahti, as well as the trail around Käätyjärvi. We’re currently exploring the spring of the west coast.


Aava meri Pamprinniemellä.


I love live music, events and fairs! Uki feeds your soul also in this regard. As a vegetarian, I find that Restaurant Captain’s Makasiini has a good selection for me. I can listen to live music on the terrace and bring my dog with me. I’ve also enjoyed the sing-along events at Gasthaus Pooki. The Christmas opening fair had a surprisingly broad and unique selection. My mother and I decided to participate with our own handicrafts next year.”

“Uusikaupunki offers a lovely balance of peace, nature, culture, events and aesthetics,” says Johanna.

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