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Beach as a backyard – Janhua is the perfect neighbourhood for families with children
Kalloset viihtyvät Janhualla

Beach as a backyard – Janhua is the perfect neighbourhood for families with children

  • The verdant neighbourhood of Janhua is situated at a perfect distance to the most important services and at the same time, right at the seashore. The peaceful area is the ideal home for families.

Plop! A flat skipping stone flies off her hand in a perfect position, but changes its course on the way and splashes straight to the bottom without making the highly anticipated bounces across the surface.

“This is surprisingly difficult! But it is nice to practice skipping stones with the children in this scenery”, Jaana Kallonen says and throws the next stone towards the water’s wavy surface.

The family’s children are with Kallonen on an outing at the beautiful Janhuanniemi beach. Veera, 13, Minttu, 9, and Anni, 5, already know from experience where they can find the best stones for skipping, where the best place to sit and have a snack break is and where the best rocks for climbing are.


Lähirannan metsäpolku on mieleinen


“This is a great place for little weekday adventures like this. The forest path to the beach basically starts from our backyard, the scenery is amazing, and when you take some snacks with you, the evening meal is also taken care of”, Kallonen says.

The family has lived in the verdant area of Janhua for fifteen years already. Even though the house has started to be a bit too small as the number of children has increased, the family is in no hurry to move from the neighbourhood.

“Janhua is a nice neighbourhood, there are a playground and a beach right next to our yard. Above all, the neighbourhood is an optimal distance from everything: the city’s services, schools, parks and grandparents”, Kallonen lists.


Janhuan asuinalue


She especially praises the great location and peaceful and safe atmosphere of Janhua.

“This neighborhood is such a walkable distance from everything that even the children can walk everywhere. And because I like to go jogging, you can always find new jogging routes here whatever direction you go.

Children also enjoy living in Janhua. Parks are a safe distance away and friends are close by. The mind can rest after a busy day at the Janhuanniemi beach.

“The sound of waves is calming”, Kallonen says as she takes a flat stone and throws it together with Anni. We will get it to bounce at least once, they agree.

In addition to the terraced houses and apartment blocks of Janhua, a modern wooden house area is being constructed at Janhuanniemi. on Uudenkaupungin kaupungin elinkeinopalveluiden julkaisu, jossa tuodaan esiin uusikaupunkilaista asumista ja elämäntapaa.
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