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Capture the wonderful summer memories in the best photo spots in the city 2/2
Ruokolanjärvi ja vesitorni.

Capture the wonderful summer memories in the best photo spots in the city 2/2

  • The picturesque wooden town invites you to enjoy the summer! Capture the most memorable moments in the most beautiful locations in Uusikaupunki – along historic sandy paths, on cliff shores, and next to landmarks.

We have gathered a total of ten location tips for capturing the best Uki moments of the summer. Below you will find five great settings for preserving summer memories.

Wooden houses

City Center

You can feel the whispers of history by strolling through the atmospheric wooden blocks of the grid plan area. Enjoy the well-preserved wooden house environment and let your imagination run wild as you think about the secret gardens hidden behind closed gates. Capture the upright pastel-colored old houses, lilac hedges, amusing gossip mirrors, and the details of decorative doors and gates.


Lepäistentie 271

Karhuluoto beach, located by the fresh water, is not only a lovely destination for a swim but also incredibly picturesque with its cliffs and clear water. Cycle to the beach in the late evening and capture a dive off the dock against the sunset or the patterns created by calm water as you dip your toes in.


Sorvakon Rantatie 12

Immerse yourself in the summer vibes like the locals and visit “Tuikku”! Sibelius Park, situated between the red barn row of Aittaranta and Kullervontie, is the perfect picnic spot – the unbelievably beautiful views of both the city and the sea make the small rocky hill in the park a delightful place to capture summer memories.

Old Church

Alinenkatu 44

The charming gray stone church, completed in 1629, is the oldest building in the city center. Explore the ornate interiors of the church during the daytime and capture the magnificent starry ceiling or photograph the church’s tall windows, beautiful tower, or the weathered stone stairs outside.


End of Alinenkatu

In the past, children used to keep watch on Vallimäki for arriving ships. You can also gaze over the treetops to the sea, visit the Pilot Museum located on the hill with your camera, or enjoy the summer evening in the park while having a picnic.

Rent a bike, embark on a photography expedition, and share the gems of the summer city on social media with the hashtags #uusikaupunki, #visituusikaupunki, and #ukilife.

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