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May Day activities in Uusikaupunki

May Day activities in Uusikaupunki

  • While the sun climbs high and the pastures grow green, inviting you to join the festivities of May Day, remember to party in appropriate moderation this spring to keep the infection rates in check. But worry not, for the lovely Uusikaupunki has plenty of fun activities and delicious May Day options in which you can partake with your own group.

Take these hints under your party hat and enjoy the waking spring with your near and dear!

Treat yourself

A May with no delicacies is like mead with no raisins! Go fill your basket, since you can always go for a picnic even on your own backyard or balcony. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best baker in town because you can get your treats from the fine local shops – the traditional Finnish donuts from Pakkahuone, Berliners from Cafe Aitta, or perhaps sandwiches from Pullapirjot. The fish delicacies from Rannikon Kalatuote are sure to elevate your picnic to new heights.

Or what if you decided to enjoy an atmospheric brunch experience at Bistro Bay or Ravintola Luode? Or headed out for the first terrace lunch of spring at Kirsta or the recently opened Captain’s Makasiini?

As Uusikaupunki starts to awaken from the clutches of winter, you will find a gourmand’s paradise – the variety of cafés and restaurants is sure to satisfy any hungry soul!


Vanhat talot viehättävät omintakeisuudellaan


Take a walk

Go for a spring walk around the wooden houses in the town center! Zigzag along the grid pattern roads, admire the details of the historical houses, and observe the birthplaces and dwellings of famous Uusikaupunki residents. Can you find which house the composer B.H. Crussel was born in? Do you know where the great fire of 1855 started? Can you spot the childhood home of the artist Reino Harst?

If you would like to know more about the town’s history, you can dive into the Uki Ar virtual journey through the Uusikaupunki of old.


UkiAr-virtuaalimatka tarjoaa historiaa


Ride a bike

Pack your lunch in your backpack, hop on a bike, and take a tour around the area! You can go for a picnic in Kuuanvuori in Kalanti, go see the Pärkänvuori caves in Lokalahti, or go for the entire magnificent Velhovesi tour around the archipelago, slowly waking from hibernation, all on your bike.

Remember to get your bike serviced before embarking on a long trip. And don’t forget your helmet!


Dinopuisto houkuttelee leikkimään


Romp around

Take your kids with you to try out the many playgrounds in Uusikaupunki! You can start from the lion-themed Leijonapuisto on Kaupunginlahti beach, then continue to the Pietonlahti playground and to the brand new dinopark in Pietola.

Another fun activity is a game of statue hunt in the town center! The game consists of finding bronze statues hidden all over the terrain using a digital map. Connected to each route, there is a mobile game through which you can look at the surroundings from different viewpoints and learn new things. Look at the routes and statues at piiloleikki.


Kevät houkuttelee luontoon


Wander around

Head out to the Finnish wilderness to watch birds, see the signs of spring, and find a little peace of mind. Find lean-tos where you can grill sausages, or take to the Hiunjärvi or Pamprinniemi nature trails.

You can find more fun outdoor activities and beautiful sights on any of the three frisbee golf courses in Uusikaupunki.

Let’s safely enjoy May Day in small groups so we can still be able to enjoy a plethora of wonderful town events in the summer. 

Happy May Day! on Uudenkaupungin kaupungin elinkeinopalveluiden julkaisu, jossa tuodaan esiin uusikaupunkilaista asumista ja elämäntapaa.
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