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My place – Aino Savolainen
Aino Savolainen

My place – Aino Savolainen

  • “Last summer was the first time I visited the Haimio beach with my family. My three sons, in particular, fell in love with the place, so this year, we went to the beach almost every day. We often brought lunch with us and spent long and relaxing days here.

Haimio is a great beach for people of all ages. There are shallow waters, a gradually deepening beach and a jetty, from which you can go for a swim. There is also a sauna that is maintained and operated by the youth association Kalannin Jokisivun Nuorisoseura r.y. It has been lovely to go for a swim even on those cooler days. We have also thought about participating in the beach voluntary work in the future.

As I am originally from Tampere, I appreciate the fact that this is a freshwater beach. The nature is extremely beautiful, and it’s always a pleasure to swim here. Coming to the beach is empowering and energising for both me and the children. If you have any worries, the beach will wash them away. Your mind and soul can truly rest in this landscape.

The community spirit here is excellent – you always greet other swimmers regardless of whether you know them or not. Our boys have lots of energy, and the youngest one tends to roam around naked on the beach. Luckily, our fellow swimmers have always been very understanding of the children’s shenanigans. People of all ages spend time here together in peace.

The beach is always very clean, which is why this is a nice place to visit. I was thinking that this winter it would be nice to try ice swimming as it’s been a long time since my last time. Here this too is possible.”


Name: Aino Savolainen

Age: 40

Occupation: Priest, deputy curate at Kalanti. Hobbies include jogging in the forest. 

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