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My place – Kalle Klotz
Kalle Klotz

My place – Kalle Klotz

  • “Vallimäki was the sledding hill and hangout spot of the kids during my childhood. From the grounds of the mansion on the hill, you can still catch a glimpse of my childhood home in Vuorikatu. Back then, there did not use to be a block of flats there, but just a rock we used to call Little Vallila. Naturally, this hill was what we called Big Vallila.

From the same spot, I used to slide down the hill on my sled with my friends, although the slope does look rather steep now. The little rascals we were, we just had to choose the wildest spots. As a kid, I remember sliding down this extremely steep slope towards the direction of the beach, sometimes even standing up on my sled. It’s almost a miracle that I never got badly hurt through all those years. 

When my goddaughter was still a child, this was also their family’s sledding hill. She was so small that she needed someone to go with her on the sled, so she asked her trusty godfather. So, I sat down in the sled with her and off we went down the steep slope towards the direction of the beach (and the road with cars). We were halfway down when I realised we might be going too fast. I used my feet to brake, which, of course, sent all of that snow flying in the face of my dear goddaughter!

Ultimately, the sled only slowed down on the snowy bank and walkway separating the road from the hill. I haven’t sat in a sled since, although we used to come sledding here a lot with my own daughter when she was little. However, we went down the less steep slope facing the town back then.

Vallimäki is also a great spot for the Night of the Lanterns at the end of summer. That’s something I’ve seen here many times – both from the stage and the audience.”


Name: Kalle Klotz

Age: 56

Occupation: Retired musical multi-talent. Also seen on the theatre stage. 


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