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Padel is a sport for everyone
Padel-kentän havainnekuva

Padel is a sport for everyone

  • The fun and fast-paced ball game lands in Uusikaupunki in summer.

If everything goes according to plan, the first games on the padel courts in Crusell park will be played in late May, according to Mikael Herbert, one of the founders of Padel Uusikaupunki Oy.

Padel, which has been called the fastest-growing racquet sport in the world, has been taking Finland by storm. Courts have been popping up around the country at a dizzying speed; fans of the sport now have over 250 courts to choose from, from Kemiönsaari to Lumijoki.

Padel is a fast-paced and social racquet sport which combines elements from tennis and squash. According to the rules, padel is always played with four people, but two players is also a possibility.

The entertaining sport has already charmed tens of thousands of Finns. The secret to its success may be its accessibility to people of all ages and fitness levels.

“This truly is a sport that is suitable for kids as young as 5 or 6 as well as active twenty-somethings. Picking up padel as a new hobby is also easy because it requires no prior skills or knowledge,” Herbert says.

Padel Uusikaupunki was born when three young men put their heads together. Joiju Sura, Aleksi Vuola and Mikael Herbert, who all hail from Uusikaupunki, had been following the growing popularity of the sport and decided that the Kaupunginlahti shore was the perfect setting for the game.


Miksu ja Joiju
Joiju Sura ja Mikael Herbertare feeling the upcoming playing field.


The idea was put into practice in record time

“We started planning this late last summer and should be ready to play by May or June. So the idea progressed from paper to actual courts in less than a year,” Herbert laughs, somewhat surprised himself.

Two illuminated padel courts will be built in Crusell park. Reservations will be made directly through the Playtomic application. The reservation code gives the user access to the court and, if necessary, rental equipment – even when the personnel isn’t present.

“The court can be reserved at practically any time of the day. During the day, personnel will be present to give guidance and instructions on the sport if the customers want,” Herbert says.

A beverage shop built into a sea container, equipment rentals and a padel pro shop will also be available near the courts. The facilities are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced players.

“We will also be providing courses for beginners and coaching for more advanced players as well as tournaments and events. Padel is also a great activity for away days and other workplace events,” Mikael Herbert offers as a tip.

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