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Relaxing everyday life and walks in nature
Sonja Virtanen

Relaxing everyday life and walks in nature

  • Sonja Virtanen, who graduated from Novida as a vehicle mechanic a year ago, was born in Uusikaupunki and has yet to feel a need to move out of town. Since her graduation, she has worked at Vianor and hopes to be able to continue working there for as long as possible.

Sonja lives together with her boyfriend and two pet bunnies. She also spends a lot of time with her parents and older brother in the countryside of Uusikaupunki. “We go to the sauna both in the middle of the week and on weekends. I also occasionally feed my dad’s sheep when he’s busy,” she says.


Luonnonrauhasta pääse nauttimaan laavuilla.


Sonja’s hobby is horse riding, and also the outdoors, forest lean-tos and exploring nature trails are close to the young woman’s heart. “I enjoy spending time outdoors and in nature. My friends are very important to me, too.  I’ve done a lot of trekking around the nature trails and lean-tos in the surrounding areas with them,” she explains. Currently, Sonja is particularly drawn to nature trails, and she is planning a trip to at least Pamprinniemi.

Sonja dreams of a future in Uusikaupunki. She is planning on having a detached house near where her parents live, her own garden, a dog or two, a cat, bunnies and possibly also a sauna in the yard. “My dream would be a fenced backyard, where I could let my dogs run around freely. It would also be great if there was a forest just a short walk away. It’s wonderful how the nature is so close in Uusikaupunki, even in the middle of town”, she says.


Sonja Virtanen


Uusikaupunki is near and dear to Sonja’s heart. She finds the city to be the perfect size, and that there’s just the right amount of activities. “I couldn’t wish for a better place”, she says after a short pause. Sonja’s family and friends are a big part of her life. “My family and most of my relatives also live here, or at least very close to here. And my friends as well. As the nature and especially the forests are close by, there’s no need to go looking for them,” she adds. Sonja finds Uusikaupunki particularly suited for people who can appreciate peace and quiet. The town isn’t too big, and all the essentials can be found close by. There is a simple beauty to the everyday life in Uusikaupunki. “For the most part, my life consists of work, house chores and spending time outdoors and with my friends and family,” she sums up.




From her childhood, Sonja has many memories that have to do with the outdoors and nature. Her family has also always had pets. Throughout her life, she has had guinea pigs, bunnies, cats and dogs. Her father keeps sheep, which was also a part of Sonja’s life throughout her childhood. “When I was younger, I spent my summers boating and camping. It was a tradition of sorts that our family went on a boat trip in the archipelago. At first, we camped out in a tent, but later we added a cabin to the boat, which made it possible to spend the night on the boat. I recall how my big brother would wake me up, so that I wouldn’t miss dad’s morning swim and his jump off the boat’s deck – it was priceless!” she says with a laugh.

As for the winters, Sonja remembers going ice fishing, skiing and skating on the rink her father cleared on the sea ice. “A few years ago, we went downhill sledding during Shrovetide with the family, and both mum and dad were brave enough to go down the hill. So many of my fondest memories have to do with nature,” she reflects.



Sonja recommends that all who spend time in Uusikaupunki go to see the outdoors and enjoy the nature. “In summer, the beaches and the nights in Kaupunginlahti are simply the best! In winter, skiing and ice skating make for a more active day. The nature trails and outdoor walks are a perfect activity at any time of the year. Nature is definitely something you should take the time to explore while you’re here,” she encourages.


Nature trails on Uudenkaupungin kaupungin elinkeinopalveluiden julkaisu, jossa tuodaan esiin uusikaupunkilaista asumista ja elämäntapaa.
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