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Spend a relaxing Easter in Uusikaupunki
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Spend a relaxing Easter in Uusikaupunki

  • Traditionally, the spring of Uusikaupunki starts with Easter festivities. Take a look around a cheerful pop-up event, enjoy the spring weather on a nature trail, taste the first filled doughnuts of the season or, if you feel like it, spend the whole week in the peaceful coastal town!

Take it easy for a moment

Waking up to the call of spring, nature in Uusikaupunki acts as a nice counterbalance to hectic everyday life. Put on a pair of trainers and go and enjoy the peace of the nature trails of Hiujärvi, Kasarmilahti or Pamprinniemi in Pyhämaa, for example.  Alternatively, if you feel that your body needs more active stimulation, you can go ice swimming with other winter swimmers in Haimio or Metsälehto on Easter Sunday.

The churches in the region are organising various events during the Holy Week. For example, there is evening music at the New Church on Good Friday and a mass at the Lokalahti Church on Easter Day.


Kasarminlahden laavu

Have a look around at your own pace

On Easter Saturday, a pop-up event will see the town centre bubbling with springtime energy. At over 30 pop-up points, there are activities, raffles, competitions and superb discounts galore. Take part in the festivities with your whole family!

Or what about visiting the Uusikaupunki Automobile Museum to learn about Finland’s motor town? The impressive collection of the museum is available for visitors throughout Easter.

Take your children with you and go and try out the first-rate playgrounds that Uusikaupunki has to offer. Will the traditional lion-themed Leijonapuisto be your favourite? Or will the climbing frames of Dinopuisto in Pietola win you over? Go and try them out and let your kids be the judge!


Tytöt leikkipuistossa

Food, drinks and a great atmosphere

The opening of Pakkahuone, the veritable summertime hotspot of Uusikaupunki, is a sure sign of spring. The first filled doughnuts are eaten outside, whatever the weather. Surely a little rain won’t dampen your spirits in this seaside town!

You can enjoy live music at the new hotel Havu, where Chris & Laurell Acoustic Rock Duo will be performing rock & roll and heavy metal classics on Good Friday. The excellent local restaurants are there to serve the hungry and thirsty throughout Easter!


Vastaleivotut uunista ulos

Feel free to spend the whole week

If you fancy the laid-back atmosphere of the coastal town, feel free to stay a bit longer! Uusikaupunki offers excellent teleworking premises, diverse accommodation options and all the services you may need, just a walk or bike ride away.

At the co-working and teleworking space Messi, you can handle the day’s work in peace and at no extra charge and can focus on enjoying the atmosphere of this charming town, full of wooden houses. It’s a real win-win situation, right?


Messin sisääntuloaula

Event calendar

See you in Uusikaupunki! Happy Easter!



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