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Spend the cottage holiday of your dreams next to our lively summer town
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Spend the cottage holiday of your dreams next to our lively summer town

  • Are you planning a summer cottage holiday in Uusikaupunki? There is a high demand for rental cottages at the moment, but there are still some vacancies left. Pick a cottage surrounded by nature and secure the holiday of your dreams near the lively summer town.

Peace of mind in the midst of beautiful nature. Listening to the sound of the waves by the seashore. Fishing on the pier. Berry picking in the forest. Enjoying a wooden sauna and cooling off in the water.

Moments like these are what people hope for when they go on a cottage holiday, and that’s exactly what they can get in and around Uusikaupunki. And if you fancy a more active holiday, there are lots of summertime activities for families, couples, golfers and nature lovers alike.

Four companies offering rental cottages say that bookings are being made at a fast rate but there are still some vacancies left.

The renewed Merikoivula Fishing and Holiday Village in Lokalahti received its first customers last summer. Merikoivula was originally established in 1969 as a recreational site where Raisio factory workers could go on holiday.

Operating year round, the site has seven new and modern villas constructed in 2020. These can accommodate up to eight persons. The villas are equipped with a fireplace, modern kitchen and sauna. The big terraces house a ceramic charcoal grill.

The original cottages have also been renovated,  and a restroom and bathing facility has been built in their vicinity.


Veneranta lintuperspektiivistä


Tõnu Steinberg, Head of Sales Marketing, explains that the entire village can nowadays accommodate nearly 100 visitors. In addition to accommodation, the area offers various recreational opportunities, such as motor boating, rowing and fishing.

“Two new tennis courts have also been built in Merikoivula, where customers can play at no extra cost. The holiday village also houses a football field and a volleyball court, children’s playgrounds and an outdoor site for physical exercise. Tennis rackets, different kinds of balls and other playing gear are free to use for our customers.”


Kalastajat veneessä


If you go fishing, you can gut your fish in the roofed grill area, where there are also two ovens for smoking the fish. The gas grill is also at the customer’s disposal.

“Our latest attraction is a vintage-style barn, which is great for festivities. We will also be adding two hot tubs since our customers have requested more of them.

In Merikoivula, there are two rental saunas and a meeting room, which can accommodate up to 60 people and are available from spring to autumn.

Merikoivula is popular for family occasions and corporate recreational days and events.

“We are a partner of the Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing. Their campaign this year is centred around fisherwomen (Mimmit kalastaa). Fisherwomen are naturally welcome in Merikoivula as well.

A cottage holiday by Selkämeri is something that interests not only domestic visitors but also travellers from abroad. Steinberg says that there has been a surprising number of visitors from Germany and Switzerland, for example.


Pinetree Cottages offers cottages in a forest area by the water in Pyhäranta, right next to Uusikaupunki. Satu Siuttila expects that the coming cottage summer will be busy, as people have already started making bookings. There are still some vacancies, but if you would like to have a cottage for July, you better hurry.


Pimenevä ilta laiturilla


In addition to domestic visitors, they are expecting that Siuttila will see travellers from Central Europe. The opportunities for berry picking, mushroom hunting and even wild herb gathering are of interest to cottage visitors.

Visitors are free to take a dip in the lake all year round, and you can also do standup paddleboarding. You can even canoe down the nearby river to the sea.

“It’s been great to see that we have been able to get many new regulars during the winter. It’s always nice to have them back,” says Siuttila.

The cottage village has been operating for 30 years now, and the cottages were built using timber from the nearby forests. One year ago, Siuttila Holiday Cottages got a new name in a generational change, Pinetree Cottages, which is name that beautifully describes the area and cottages themselves.

With the generational change, Siuttila and her German husband Patrick Rebholz took on the family business.


Lautarakenteiset mökit


Pinetree Cottages has renovated the sauna facilities and kitchen of one large cottage for the summer. There is also a sleeping loft in each of the cottages.

“We built a sleeping loft in one of the cottages last year, and people really seemed to like it.”

Siuttila says that typically their customers are around 30–50-year-old couples or families.

“All kinds of people come over for a cottage holiday, especially nature lovers, birdwatchers and ice swimmers. Our customers respect their cottages like it was their home and appreciate the peaceful environment and the cottages with their excellent wooden saunas.”


Santtioranta Camping (only in Finnish) is an excellent choice for those wishing to enjoy both an urban and cottage holiday. The camp site, located just outside the city centre, offers the opportunity to stay in the cottage, your own camping trailer or in a tent by the sea.


Vaaleansiniset mökit


“Last summer, there was a high demand for our cottages, and we were even forced to turn people away during peak season. But generally, we were always able to find a free cottage for those who needed one”, says Miika Jussila.

Since last summer, Karilla Oy, which is managed by Tapio Pääkkö, has been responsible for maintaining and developing the Santtioranta camping site. This winter, Pääkkö was officially recognised for his work in promoting travelling by Uudenkaupungin matkailuoppaat. In recent years, Pääkkö has developed Pakkahuone Guest harbour, for example.

Since summer 2021, the Santtioranta camping site in Uusikaupunki has also been maintained by Karilla Oy.  The cottages have been renovated, and a café and restaurant opened its doors in the area, where you can have lunch with a nice sea view.

In Santtioranta, you can rent offers rowing boats, scooters, canoes, kayaks, skateboards and frisbee sets.  If you rent a bike, you can get a look of the surrounding environment. In addition to ordinary bikes, there are electric bikes, BMX bikes and electric scooters.


Savukala ja salaattia


“Next summer, we’ll have various events and artists here,” Jussila says.

Every Monday is an activity afternoon for children, on Tuesdays, there is afternoon tea accompanied by music and, on Saturdays, there is a barbecue event with music played by a troubadour from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“We are also investing in the menu of our café and restaurant, which already received lots of praise last summer. We offer various quality dishes at a reasonable price.”

Pääkkö says that Santtioranta is perfect for visitors of all ages, from groups of friends in their twenties to families or elderly couples.


Pirkholman Matkailu (only in Finnish) is managed by Mikko Lindfors, who says that there has a been upward trend in people’s interest towards rental cottages. All six cottages have been sold out for all winter and through spring. The next vacancies in summer are at the end of August, too.


Mökin oma laituri


Pirkholma has been a holiday paradise since the 1970s. The area is located in a natural and historical milieu. Pirkholma’s main building was constructed in 1670.

“We are constantly renovating and modernising our cottages according to our long-term strategy,” says Lindfors.

Feedback from visitors has been extremely positive.

“People are so pleased with the cottages that they want to come back here over and over again.”

According to Lindfors, cottage visitors typically come from the city. Most commonly, the visitors come from around Helsinki, Tampere or Turku.

“The visitors are mainly families, couples or seniors, but we’ve seen all sorts of people come through here for several decades now.”

Why Uusikaupunki of all places?

An idyllic setting, sea, peace in nature and city activities and services

The entrepreneurs renting the cottages listed the best qualities of Uusikaupunki from the standpoint of those planning a cottage holiday.

Pirkholman Matkailu/Mikko Lindfors

“The best aspects about Uusikaupunki from a traveller’s standpoint are the idyllic setting, the archipelago, seaside view and great service. Cottage visitors are interested in quality cottages, clean water for swimming, peace and quiet, nature and fantastic views out to the sea. Uusikaupunki’s selection of restaurants and grocery stores is also good.”

Santtioranta Camping/Miika Jussila

“Being close to the sea is a big factor, along with the compact size of the city. Nothing is too far away, and you can simply walk to many places. Many people praise the gorgeous wooden houses. What people find so great about Santtioranta is that the areas is peaceful but still not too far from the centre of town. People have also liked Kaupunginlahti and the surrounding environment as well as the surprisingly good selection of restaurants compared to the size of the city.”

Pinetree Cottages/Satu Siuttila

“The idyllic wooden houses and the guest harbour. Pakkahuone and the restaurants are interesting. Uusikaupunki has all the services you could ask for on your holiday. Kustavi and Rauma, which many visitors like, are also close.

Merikoivula/Tõnu Steinberg

“Uusikaupunki has a nice location in the archipelago. Naturally, Kaupunginlahti and the wooden houses, Kustavi, Moominworld in Naantali, Uusikaupunki Golf, the Archipelago Ring Road, Kantola stables and the Automobile Museum are all excellent choices for cottage visitors. Various events, such as Karjurock and the Minifarm & Flower Fair, add to the popularity. on Uudenkaupungin kaupungin elinkeinopalveluiden julkaisu, jossa tuodaan esiin uusikaupunkilaista asumista ja elämäntapaa.
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